• Shapeshifter Poems


    the legend is whispered
    in the women's tent... more »

  • She Understands Me

    it is all blood and breaking,
    blood and breaking, the thing
    drops out of its box squalling
    into the light. they are both squalling,... more »

  • Sisters

    me and you be sisters.
    we be the same.

    me and you... more »

  • Song At Midnight

    …do not send me out
    among strangers

    Sonia Sanchez... more »

  • Telling Our Stories

    the fox came every evening to my door
    asking for nothing. my fear
    trapped me inside, hoping to dismiss her
    but she sat till morning, waiting.... more »

  • The Lost Baby Poem

    the time i dropped your almost body down
    down to meet the waters under the city
    and run one with the sewage to the sea
    what did i know about waters rushing back... more »

  • The Lost Women

    i need to know their names
    those women i would have walked with
    jauntily the way men go in groups
    swinging their arms, and the ones... more »

  • The Mississippi River Empties Into The Gulf

    and the gulf enters the sea and so forth,
    none of them emptying anything,
    all of them carrying yesterday
    forever on their white tipped backs,... more »

  • The Photograph: A Lynching

    is it the cut glass
    of their eyes
    looking up toward
    the new gnarled branch... more »

  • The Times

    it is hard to remain human on a day
    when birds perch weeping
    in the trees and the squirrel eyes
    do not look away but the dog ones do... more »

  • There Is A Girl Inside

    There is a girl inside.
    She is randy as a wolf.
    She will not walk away and leave these bones
    to an old woman.... more »

  • To A Dark Moses

    you are the one
    i am lit for.
    Come with your rod
    that twists... more »

  • Wishes For Sons

    i wish them cramps.
    i wish them a strange town
    and the last tampon.
    I wish them no 7-11.... more »

  • Won'T You Celebrate With Me

    won't you celebrate with me
    what i have shaped into
    a kind of life? i had no model.
    born in babylon... more »