• 2005 Hurricane Season

    Swirling angrily from ocean vast,
    Wilma's Iron fist doth blast
    The coast of far Americay
    - This season's blown her half away!... more »

  • A New Year Dawned For Me

    A new year dawned for me
    As a single tiny shaft of green
    Decked with a diamond drop
    Sparkling in the morning sun... more »

  • All Is Quiet On The Western Front

    The birds that sang to bring forth the day
    Have spread their wings and swiftly flown away...
    And the sun that rose to greet the dawn
    Brought the sight of something really quite forlorn.... more »

  • Battlefield Tree

    I’m the tree on the battlefield – a pitiful sight
    I watch as the bullets fly to left and to right
    I’m the tree that’s watched blood flow from every man’s heart
    I’m the tree on the battlefield, half blown apart.... more »

  • Come Join The Circle

    As day was beginning, I mused at your being
    As dawn's early mist rolled the darkness away.....
    Within you, young lambs and black rooks and a robin,
    Within me a voice seemed to call me to play.... more »

  • Emigrant's Lullaby

    Sleep now ever gentle baby
    Stars are blinking in the night.
    Guiding you to restful slumber,
    Little baby sleep tonight.... more »

  • Farewell To Autumn

    I watched the sun dance through the trees
    Leaping and dancing
    In the dying days of Autumn;
    Dodging the cold and damp of winter...... more »

  • Give Me The Blood Red Poppy

    Give me the blood red poppy,... more »

  • Happy New Year?

    Happy New Year!
    Is that a statement...
    Or a wish?
    A tendril of hope... more »

  • Home Of My Heart

    Oh fair land of Arthur, of unsurpassed beauty,... more »

  • Hopton's Victory

    We are Western men and we’re fighting for the King... more »

  • Tender Haiku

    ... more »

  • I Think Of You

    As the eventide draws her veil across the sun
    And the stars bejewel the sky with pricks of light
    As the dew falls and nestling birds make still
    And the day dissolves into the night... more »

  • In Praise Of Ale!

    The brewers of this nation nare renowned for their fine ales
    They brew them up in Scotland, Ireland, England - and in Wales
    There are Manx brews and Scilly brews and brews from far Cornwall
    My delight's the supping of each one, to find the best of all... more »

  • Jackaby Street

    A new priest, he came to our village,
    With the Curate he wanted to meet
    So he ventured on down, as a stranger in town
    To find him, on Jackaby Street... more »

  • Jacky Frost

    When Summers blue sky fades to grey
    And swiftly ends the shortening day,
    When coldness takes the flowers away
    Ill dance the dance of winter!... more »

  • Mothers Prayer Against The Bullies

    She leaves
    For another day of
    Sharpened claws,
    Twisted by opinion,... more »

  • On A May Evening

    Daylight's twinkling eye now firmly shuts
    And busy bird's nestmaking labours still.
    Now all the land takes diff'rent hues of night
    And hungry owl-call tones are heard to shrill;... more »

  • Port Quinn

    Reaching downward to the sea
    Enclosed in leafy hide
    Stand cottages of fishermen
    Lost upon the tide.... more »

  • Remembered?

    Some in Khaki, Standing proud
    Line upon line in village and town
    They straight-back march past watching crowd
    To remember.... more »

  • Remorse

    The flowers bloomed once,
    Now in Summer, ther's snow.
    There's no-one to turn to - and nowhere to go.
    Where green fields surrounded is yellowy hay... more »

  • Sandcastles

    I made a castle in the sand
    It looked like you
    The sun dried it
    And it crumbled... more »

  • Springsong

    Summer is coming I hear the wind whisper
    Tales of new seasons now waltz in the breeze
    Daffodils dancing and bluebells are waking
    And new leaves are sprigging on every tree... more »

  • The Autumning

    A cloud streaked sky of azure blue
    Canopies the dampened ground
    Where Autumnal leaves of every hue
    Are windswept piles the children found... more »

  • The Call Of Duty

    Bravest men we hailed them then
    England sent her finest men
    The war to end all wars to fight
    A cause each one believed was right... more »