• Fairy Tale

    is it posible, that this isnt a fairy tale.
    where happy endings just aint real

    where people hurt, die and cry,... more »

  • Free

    The first few droplets of rain fall, splattering thier meyhem everywhere. Blood and water intermix with the texture of her skin.
    'My God why have you forsaken me? ' she screams to he heavans in desperate serch for answers.
    The blood flows thicker and faster now. A single tear slowly trickles down her cheek.
    'Their better off without me' she tries to convince herself, 'it's for the best' she tries to justify herself.... more »

  • Hold On Me

    A scream, a shout, a cry!
    there all the same when your involved.
    tossing and turining, afraid to sleep,
    looks like you've got a hold on me!... more »