• Honey

    One step forward,
    Stand up, please.
    Let me explain need and virtue,
    the mystery gravitating around you.... more »

  • Kite

    Let´s fly kites.

    I´ve been working on one
    And I can feel it strong... more »

  • Lesser Gods Laugh

    Secret stings make them hurt each other.
    What lights the fire will not extinguish it.
    The flame cannot be stolen.
    Desire will condense in their blood... more »

  • Marchando

    Este Invierno se me nubla la vista.
    Tanto frío quieto de noche
    por esperarte a la mañana.... more »

  • Smyslov,62 Años

    Nunca supe que sería
    Un corredor de fondo.....

    He perdido las ganas de ganar....... more »

  • Such, Such Were The Joys

    Contemplate new worlds,
    unexplored territories.
    See the great minds
    confront your own lies.... more »

  • Survival Of The Fittest

    Dovecots are about fo fall down.
    Greyhounds die hanging
    from the trees
    and dogs chase deer... more »

  • Survival Skills

    Fear rules, fake smiles.
    Don´t speak your mind.
    The best of times
    when talent and endurance... more »

  • Tacones De Aguja

    El mundo rendido desde sus tacones,
    melena rubia, maquillaje impecable,
    surtido vestuario y sonrisa sincera,
    deseada siempre, nunca supo la verdad.... more »