• A Bid For A Wild Heart

    Where has life gone of to,
    to have left me here alone?
    Why has spirit and passion
    passed me by unknown?... more »

  • A Love Found

    Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess
    She lived inside the splendid walls of her Father’s grand fortress
    Tall and slender, graceful and charming, all looked up to her
    Even the strongest of hearts her gentle spirit could conquer... more »

  • A Purpose

    The fire burned hot, and roared in my face
    It's heat closed around me like death's embrace
    It screamed in my ears, and stung my eyes
    To my straining soul, it whispered lies... more »

  • A Tale Of The Mind And Heart

    One day the mind approached the heart
    and said, 'What do you do?
    What makes you so important,
    and why do I need you? '... more »

  • Basketball Pts.1-3


    My name is Luke Bushen
    and I love basketball,... more »

  • Caution

    He would have been all of the things
    that a man can be.
    He would have achieved success to an
    unbelievable degree.... more »

  • Childhood

    I’m not quite who you think I am, seriously, I’m not.
    I really am different than the first impression you got.
    My room is not always so clean
    I really am sometimes quite mean... more »

  • Dear Affection

    Dear Affection,

    It was great seeing you today,
    I hope you had fun too.... more »

  • Do You Believe?

    I've got a question for everyone,
    Do you believe in my God's son?
    Do you believe that he died on the cross?
    Do you believe without Him you'd be lost?... more »

  • Fields

    I'm the person that works at
    the drugstore down the street.
    I'm the single mother struggling
    just to make ends meet.... more »

  • His Heart

    He brought me to an empty room, it’s area dimly lit.
    Seemingly forgotten, nothing inhabited it.
    But, mattered not the lonely state of that room, so bleak,
    For now His glory filled it’s midst and He began to speak.... more »

  • Hush Child

    Hush child, don't you worry a bit
    Keep up those spirits and don't you quit

    Hush child, the end of this tunnel's in sight... more »

  • I’m A Poet

    I did not know that I could make
    Two different words rhyme.
    I had no clue that that was one
    Of the talents of mine.... more »

  • If I Could Put It Into Words...

    If I could put it into words
    I would say I love you.
    I’d say your more than life itself,
    More than things old and new.... more »

  • If I Never See Tomorrow...

    If I never see tomorrow please
    remember me today.
    Please don't let the good things I've
    accomplished fade away.... more »

  • In Your Life

    Will you regret your life’s direction
    In the future’s retrospection?

    Will you serve the greater good... more »

  • Love, With Words

    Love, here with words, I'll attempt to explain
    And, though words often fail, I'll try just the same

    One- Love stands directly upon trust... more »

  • My Car Window: Up Or Down?

    Keeping your mouth closed makes everything quiet
    I can actually think straight whenever I try it
    Calm and relaxing; quite a respite
    My hair looks so nice ‘cause it’s sitting just right... more »

  • My Field

    I came upon a field, truly
    awesome in size.
    The golden grain filled the sight
    of my gazing eyes.... more »

  • My Imagination

    They tried to shut up my imagination inside my head.
    'These thoughts you have are rather wild.' 'Be Silent! ' they said.
    How dare I ever have a mind or thoughts of my own.
    Until I learned to think and act like them I should stay home.... more »

  • My Stutter

    Another day come and gone
    And still I lie in wait
    Awake, I question, how long
    To wait until daybreak? 
... more »

  • My Wall

    I came upon a wall made entirely of brick,
    Thousands of miles long and a couple yards thick.
    Deep in depth; high in height;
    Long in length, stretching far beyond sight.... more »

  • Ode To S'Mores

    An ode to s’mores
    I love them more
    Every single day... more »

  • On Sleds, Sledding

    Alas, my sled has forgotten me.
    The slip of the slick sled, indeed,
    Lasted but a moment. He'd
    Said that his bottom needed some time.... more »

  • Problems

    I did not see it coming ‘til
    It hit me in the face,
    It crept up slowly without so much
    As leaving any trace.... more »