LJH Luke J. Holt 1-14-91

i am currently alive. i live on earth. the earth is the fourth planet from the sun. i am the six billionth man from the earth

~L.Holt? ~


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'From love, either real or unreal, all are born free. But many of us learn lessons and are hurt and calcify or become maddened, caged, frightened or hollowed in its absence'
Luke J Holt

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What I am proposing is not going to be easy. If it were easy it would be common. And yet, among the more than six billion, there are few who take their life seriously. Many believe free will is nil. You have your role. But no evidence. No betterment seen. It's behavior that matters - the dance of love. Calming. Tempestuous. Ignited by it. Close the gap. You have your role to close the gap Between life and love. What stops you from closing the gap? Dance the love.