• At My Window

    hello again, i saw you at my window last night
    why do you stay in the dark? , why do you stay out of sight?
    did i threaten you or cause you harm
    you seem nice, always sticking your arm out so i can shake it... more »

  • Bluey Sky

    i'm standing here alone
    wondering who i am
    i never thought that i would be a dead man
    i can't help but feel the pain... more »

  • Chirping

    i hear the chirping of birds
    tweet tweet
    damn alarm... more »

  • Christmas

    when you think of Christmas, you think of friends, family and gifts
    when you think of Christmas you think of building snowmen and making snow angels and drinking hot coco
    when you think of Christmas you think of the month of December
    when i think of Christmas i picture you and me... more »

  • Crying

    i see you crying my dear friend
    i see you with tears dripping down your face
    i see your cheeks turing red
    like a plump tomato... more »

  • Dont Forget Me

    I don’t know what to do anymore
    I just can’t think
    What do i say when i’m around you
    do i act like myself... more »

  • Floating

    flat as a table, made of maple wood
    arms stretched out only if i could
    long wingspan, legs tight together
    breath in and out, light as a feather... more »

  • Human Being

    June 22, a beautiful creature was born
    March 18th, lost her love
    Every moment of everyday, always had a friend... more »

  • Love

    Love is a science
    an experiment with disastrous consequences
    or if you're lucky, positive outcomes... more »

  • Loving You

    Love has no meaning, no definition
    Love stands alone, solo
    To be in love, is to have a feeling of love
    yet its not love- it’s infatuation... more »

  • Nothing Else

    Heart attacks, the facts
    I miss you
    Stomach aches, some mistakes
    I miss you... more »

  • Numbers

    stop stop go back what did you say
    38,5,72,6, and 8
    gosh i hate numbers... more »

  • Paper As One

    everyday i look at you
    everyday your filled with pain
    in your life there's over 1,000 individuals
    you are not racist, yet your kind is only white... more »

  • Pretty Boy

    man look at me, i'm such a pretty boy
    check out these muscles, and this gorgeous hair
    i'm so handsome, i can't stop looking at myself in the mirror
    i'm better than anyone, me plus any girl equals pair... more »

  • She Is Loved

    Remember that nervous feeling you get
    Butterflies in your stomach, heart beating fast
    What seems like forever in reality is a second... more »

  • Something Isn'T Right

    i can't help but feel something isn't right
    i feel as if this world is getting smaller
    i can't help but see the light
    i'm shrinking and others are getting taller... more »

  • Stylish

    always dresses modern, always dressing daring
    hat, lipstick, and a dress is what she's always wearing
    high heels and a pocket book, left shoulder holding purse
    when she talks and makes a mistaake, what reverse... more »

  • The Journey Of Music

    music is all around the world
    in cultures, holidays, everyday activities
    but music is also in your mind
    when i listen to music i think about life in different ways depending on the mood of the song... more »

  • Tic Toc

    tic toc i hear you everywhere i go
    tic toc i hear you in my sleep
    tic toc tic toc i hear you on the t.v. show
    tic toc tic toc i hear you when i weep... more »

  • Why Am I Alone

    i'm standing here alone
    looking down at my phone
    wondering if you will call
    i love my baby girl... more »