• Are You Ready?

    Are you ready my dear
    To face your fears
    Red turns your eas
    The start the tears of your fears... more »

  • Down The River I Flow

    Down the river I flow
    My feelings I never show
    I just keep flowing along
    Singing the same old song... more »

  • Let Me Tell You Now

    Let me tell you now
    Better yet let me show you how
    I play the game I play
    come on baby girl just come my way... more »

  • Lust

    Lust is a sin
    That makes everyone give in
    From the eatin and suckin
    To the hardcore luvin... more »

  • Pain

    As the pain persists
    I cut my wrist
    Trading emotion for the pain
    Telling myself it isn't the same... more »

  • Romeo&Juliet(Webb Version)

    I feel like we are Romeo&Juliet
    Feeling for each other yet knowing we cannot be
    Because I a Montegue and you a Capulet
    Wishing I could change my name so we could be together you&me... more »

  • Running From The Dark

    Running from the fear
    Wanting to disappear
    Wishing for seclusion
    Only finding delusion... more »

  • Shelby

    As I write my poem
    My heart jumps with joy
    For it knows I write this poem
    With the joy of a little boy... more »

  • Untitled

    Convectional currents of love and hate
    Running to balance both destiny and fate
    Trying to control the powers of life
    Yet failing to gain either type... more »