• Aloud Cry

    I heard aloud of cry,
    babies and kids are crying,
    men and women are crying,
    even the land, mounts and ocean are crying,... more »

  • Belovedmotherland

    I lived in paradise,
    .....I thought so,
    my land's face look so beautiful,
    .....I thought so,... more »

  • Black Memories

    I put it on my back
    it's never stop comes back...
    back to attack
    give days fulled by bad track...... more »

  • Complicated

    you could be laugh but cry,
    so just cry then don't forget to laugh!
    you could be brave but scare,
    be scare then set your heart to be brave!... more »

  • Did You Know It?

    Now, I know....
    time is really winged,
    in a minute it comes,
    in a second it flies,... more »

  • Dua Mata Saya - Reflection

    it's an old song;
    it's a common kid song in Indonesian,
    Have you heard this? ? ?... more »

  • Empty

    there were signs,
    I can't see it,
    not even a single blink,
    there were signs,... more »

  • Given By God

    Oh my dear God...
    You had given days,
    You had run times,
    You had sent millions miracles,... more »

  • Have But Don't Have..................................

    I have eyes but still blind
    I have ears but still deaf
    I have tongue but still dumb... more »

  • Heaven's Angel

    an ocean of tears,
    ....is in her eyes,
    unrecoverable wound,
    ....covered all of hers up,... more »

  • Life

    from seconds, to minute...
    minutes to hour...
    hours to day...
    days to month...... more »

  • Lost

    Thousands piece of you,
    dried by time,
    millions smiles of you,
    frozen by distance,... more »

  • Lost In The Silent

    Yet dream has not over,
    night has not finished,
    even clock didn't click,
    and I was lost in the silent.... more »

  • Merdeka

    Merdeka! !
    Red and white...
    Merdeka! !
    unnamed heroes_buried uncounted...... more »

  • Not A Clown

    ... more »

  • Old Song

    it is on my soul
    no one know it
    it is on my soul
    known only by my heart indeed... more »

  • Paper World

    paper paper paper
    I write on paper
    I buried death letter on paper
    p-a-p-e-r... more »

  • Sang Malam

    Sang Malam membacakan dongeng Mimpi, tapi mataku tak jua terpejam, dongengnya terlalu kejam.

    Sang Malam nyanyi ninabobo, mataku kian menyala, kenangan terpajang bak piala.... more »

  • Stay And Away

    away... more »

  • The Night

    The Night reads me story of dream,
    but me not sleep yet,
    because the dream so cruel.... more »

  • The Sadness

    there is a sadness live in ocean of my heart
    sometimes he comes out bring me old shell of memory
    sometimes...... more »

  • These Words

    these words...
    part of my soul
    children of feeling
    they born by hand and pen... more »

  • To Silent

    ... more »

  • Two Items

    Where can I buy a piece of dream?
    where is it?
    Is it in a long quite nite?... more »

  • Words

    I found a new world through the words,
    words become a stairway;
    up to the heaven,
    or down to dark hell.... more »