Hello, My name is Lydia Bratton. Throughout my life I have had some very misfortunate aquintances and friends. They have changed my life forever and I had a hard time dealing with this. Poetry gave me a place where I could say what I felt without angering or hurting someone. It was a refuge that allowed me to talk about my problems without placing a burden on my friends. I am one of those people who find it hard to open up because I have been trusting to people who broke my heart and crushed it all in one. I don't trust people easily and I might have before, but too much pain has changed that once more. Well I am just a mere 15 year old and in need of a sense of normal life. Nothing more... Nothing less.


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What's Wrong With This Child?

Again and again she trusts his heart is true
Holding back her tears and fears
Because she knows her mother is broken too... more »

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