• Aged Care Rap

    We're all getting older
    and it's rather hard to know,
    Should I remain in my home,
    If not, where do I go?... more »

  • Beaches

    A cool splash of water on my toes,
    The sand, wind swept passed my nose,
    A soft dip, to just unwind,
    Nature, it's oh so kind.... more »

  • Elton John

    You have inspired life to many,
    Who have been down and out,
    With your words of plenty,
    People have risen to shout.... more »

  • Friendship

    Friends we've been for many years,
    Been there for eachother through laughter and tears.
    It's harder to say goodbye,
    The bond we have, cant break that tie.... more »

  • Happy New Year 2014

    A glorious sight for all to see,
    Beautiful colours dancing over the trees.
    People abound, no room to move,
    They're all laughing and cheering to the New Year groove.... more »

  • Pictures

    Just picture tranquility
    The water abound,
    The ocean and mother nature,
    Beautiful sound.... more »

  • Sleeveless

    No sleeve for tears to dry,
    No shoulder for my eyes to cry.
    No cuddle to feel secure,
    No feelings, no more.... more »

  • Smokey Red Moon

    The sky's a haze,
    The moons on fire,
    To breath fresh air,
    Is my current desire.... more »

  • That Time Of Year.

    It's the most united time of the year,
    All families and friends gathering round,
    Some you have not seen for months,
    Others, relations you've found.... more »

  • Time Of Essence

    Never enough time,
    as days go by,
    To hold you close,
    Just let me cry.... more »