• A Call From The Wilderness

    My God, My God
    I search for thee
    In every face
    and every deed... more »

  • Ache

    One day my life changed, because I became aware of you.
    Utterly, desperately aware, and there was nothing I could do.
    I couldn’t stop the growing ache I suddenly suffered from;
    Nor could I identify from where the ache had come.... more »

  • All Around

    A friend asked me once,
    How do you know that God is real?
    And I told her I could only
    Testify to the way I feel.... more »

  • All These Years

    All these years
    All these tears
    All this time
    I blamed you... more »

  • Burns

    You can take the pieces of my shattered soul
    Grind them down ‘til they’re dust in the wind
    But you should know
    You should know... more »

  • Darkness And Daylight

    You love the day, worship the light.
    You mourn the setting of the sun, hide from the night.
    I curse the light of day, though most would praise and cheer.... more »

  • Don'T Try To Save Me

    You say you want to save me
    You’re so sure that you can help
    Well it’s not the first time
    Someone tried to make me someone else... more »

  • Hero

    'Time to leave you, once again, time to save the world!
    Because this is my destiny and you are just my girl.
    A hero's job is never done, they need me everywhere.
    Being a super hero is quite a weight to bear.... more »

  • I'Ll Try

    I think my luck is changing,
    that is if I’ve any luck at all
    I think my life is pointed uphill
    a hill, who knows how tall... more »

  • Indulgent

    Your name lingers on my lips
    Like chocolate
    Like peanut butter on the roof of my mouth
    I say it, again and again... more »

  • Monster

    As a child I saw demons,
    Though they said they weren’t real
    I’d close my eyes at night,
    And a burning fear I’d feel... more »

  • Never Again

    I wish that I could feel... more »

  • Poison

    The words off your lips are like poison
    Killing me slowly,
    Painfully... more »

  • Shadows

    You see the shadows in my eyes and want to chase them away
    You think you can save me and baby, I’m so afraid
    because I’ve been down this road I know how it goes
    You’ll give me your everything, but those shadows still show... more »

  • Sorrow Fades

    As sorrow fades, and I know it shall,
    Know that I rejoice
    I know that you will miss me,
    But there should be laughter in your voice... more »

  • Still Here

    Years ago, I knew you. I knew you so little, though.
    I took for granted that you were near.
    If I’d realized our time was so fleeting;
    Only known what it meant that you were here…... more »

  • Strangers

    I’ve never been the type to take too many risks
    Prefer to stay safe and just wonder what I’ve missed
    So how’d I wake up with a stranger in my bed
    How’d I ever believe in those crazy things you said... more »

  • To You, Who Are Not Yet But Still May Be

    I feel your absence acutely,
    In every long, lonely day
    Each morning as I wake
    And each night when I pray... more »

  • Was, Am, Will Be

    I am the me
    I have always dreamt of
    Yet the me of yesterday still echoes
    Never silenced, merely balanced... more »