About ME:
[x] born in the dawn of Sept.7,91
[x] a VIRGO
[x] loves GOD, Family, Friends and Enemies
[x] certified 'MALDITA'
[x] friendly daw
[x] buotan aherm
[x] moOdy
[x] a music lover
[x] snubera(sumtymz)
[x] sobrang loving
[x] caring
[x] chismosa(slyt)
[x] palaaway
[x] selosa(soBra..aS iN)
[x] sabaan
[x] thoughtful
[x] tapulan
[x] loyal(sa LaHaT nG BaGay..)
[x] tanga
[x] shy type(miNsAn..)
[x] optimistic
[x] What i want is what i get

[x] surf the net
[x] listening music(love songs)
[x] watching TV
[x] texting
[x] drawing
[x] writing anything
[x] reading
[x] talking
[x] color: pink, blue n purple
[x] flower: rose n tulips
[x] nature lover!
[x] love to stay at home
[x] play comp. games
[x] making things impossible! !

[x] maarte
[x] people love to criticize others
[x] people u cant trust with ur secrets
[x] social-climber
[x] sobra ka kiat
[x] smoker
[x] drinker
[x] sarcastic
[x] paki-alamera/o
[x] ignore the presence of other people
[x] back biter
[x] mukhang pera
[x] sobrang ambisyosa/o
[x] having a crab-mentality attitude
[x] plastic
[x] feeler
[x] sobrang frank
[x] pessimistic people


Lynlee Dumadag Poems

I Hate You, I Love You

i hate you
but now i love you
i don't know what to do
it's all because of you... more »


i am crazy
i am lazy..
i am cool
but sometimes acting like a fool.... more »


if you're far away
even a single day
i'm missin' you already
i'm willing to take the pains... more »

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