• Bedlam

    Take me
    Take me now
    Take me away
    Don't you want me to leave?... more »

  • Blame Is Temptation

    Don't blame me
    For blame is temptation
    Blame me again
    And I'll be out there... more »

  • Candy

    This poem is not really about Candy. It's about temptation. I used the word 'Candy' metaphorically. It's up to the reader to know what this poem is really about.

    I went to buy candy this morning
    10 am... more »

  • Chewing Gum.

    Molded into different shapes
    Constantly bitten by your bittersweet breath
    Intoxicated... more »

  • Coffee

    This poem is not about temptation. It's about the state anyone can be in when they're not sober nor completely drunk. In between.

    Didn't think you'd be the key
    But your smoke sways struggling to purify me... more »

  • Empty Bed

    Empty bed
    Oh So Empty
    My nakedness
    Screaming for you... more »

  • Hello Beautiful

    Hello Beautiful
    I had you in my hand
    You were so close... more »

  • I Am Not There

    I give
    And you take
    I give
    And you take, take, take... more »

  • If Only..

    Turned me into the reflection that you see
    And I,
    Can be everything... more »

  • Insomnia

    Two or three hours a night
    Is all that I can get
    So I better lay my head back
    'Just sleep tight... more »

  • Inverted Colors.

    Went to the parlor last night
    Baby cry
    I'm Vincent Van Gogh
    Did I get a piercing?... more »

  • It Won'T Be Anytime Soon...

    Water drops
    Streaming down my cheek
    Red lights
    They burn and burn... more »

  • My Hand On The Trigger

    Colorful dots join me in murky
    Oh hello
    I'd love to dance... more »

  • October

    Note: In this poem, when I used 'Mary Jane' and 'Marijuana' i am talking about a person who leaves a happy effect on me (just the way drugs leave happy effects on us) therefore, instead of using that person's name, i compared them to Marijuana and Mary Jane.

    October, the month right after my day
    I sit on the porch and wait for the rain... more »

  • Ouch...

    My bubble screams
    Stitched up
    Burst by a new pin... more »

  • Six Pages And A Half Of Complication...

    With your brown eyes
    And I,
    With my mud... more »

  • The Clock Ticks...

    Tock... more »

  • The Pages Remain Empty...

    Cupid's arrow is bent
    Somehow the queen of hearts won the bet
    Cupid sighs
    Like nothing's changed... more »

  • Undefined.

    What am I
    Beneath the mud
    That's beneath the rain
    Beneath the water... more »

  • Under The Weather...

    Under the weather
    Down low
    Beneath the ground
    Water, mud, rain…... more »