Lynn Emanuel Quotes

There in the narrow, mote-filled finger of light, is a blonde so blonde, so blinding, she is a blizzard, a huge spook, and lights up like the sun the audience in its galoshes. She bulges like a deuce coupe. When we see her we say good-bye to Kansas.
Lynn Emanuel (b. 1949), U.S. poet. "Blonde Bombshell" [poem], lines 10-15 (1992).
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Begin with loss and see how the world contradicts you, how the horizon implies that beyond it the water is not empty but full of ships all docking at another island.
Lynn Emanuel (b. 1949), U.S. poet. "Robinson Crusoe Talks to Friday," lines 1-6 (1979).
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the tide lays down its wet throat and alters the land to island—even as I watch I say there is no shore apart from stories of it, no smoke, no hut, no beacon ...
Lynn Emanuel (b. 1949), U.S. poet. "Shipwrecked," lines 15-19 (1979).
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