about me. I'm Lyndi ranker most of whom just call me Lyn. most people who know me, say that i light up a room, i bring laughter and i know when to speek my mind. and most people who hate me will say im annoying and short and over opinionated well both may be true. i love to write poetry and stories. i love to play guitar and sing. hanging with my friends is a must and the internet is a close friend of mine. i hope you get to know me and look forward to reading my stuff. holla'


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Not Even A Whisper

Break it
My overflowing willingness to
Cling to your words and
Grasp your trusted heart... more »

Itchy Rain


Rain anticipating... more »

Tomorrows Escapades

Judgment surpasses my everlasting thoughts
they stutter at a wince of the tickle
of my overwhelmed feelings
I shutter at the unbearable fungus that oozes from your mouth into un-accepting ears.... more »

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