• And The Heart Growns Fonder

    And the heart grows fonder…

    The heart grows fonder.
    With every “I love you” and every inkling of those 3 words that appear to melt the hearts of millions.... more »

  • Awaiting

    Peering through the long lines of the orchards I see you
    Out stretched arms and a warm smile, that smile beams on forever.
    And I want to run to you and greet you with a kiss and one of those hugs
    The big ones that make my arms hurt from clutching on so tight.... more »

  • Dear Boy...

    Dear boy who makes my heart sink into my stomach.

    What have I done? To deserve what a wonderful gift of your presents for just the moment you were in my life and impacted me so deeply?
    What did I say to make the God almighty send such an angel so divine? To cast away my problems and put this pathetic smile on my girlish face? Making your eyes wonder to my smile that’s beaming ear-to-ear and bright and pretty and expressing my every emotion and the tingle I have with in. what have I implied to make the sun shine down and the wind propel in such a wondrous being that happens to make my happy life eventhatmuchmore HAPPY!... more »

  • Itchy Rain


    Rain anticipating... more »

  • Not Even A Whisper

    Break it
    My overflowing willingness to
    Cling to your words and
    Grasp your trusted heart... more »

  • Thoughts, On A Beach In Her Mind

    Wet feet dangle across damp sand.
    She lifts them
    Weightless they collapse.... more »

  • Tomorrows Escapades

    Judgment surpasses my everlasting thoughts
    they stutter at a wince of the tickle
    of my overwhelmed feelings
    I shutter at the unbearable fungus that oozes from your mouth into un-accepting ears.... more »

  • Untitled1

    ... more »