• Am I Missing Something?

    This house has grown empty
    Have I lost my touch?
    It's hollow in some corner
    In the middle of too much.... more »

  • Balloons

    Where do balloons go?
    I really want to know.

    If I release it to the sky... more »

  • Ben

    You are history
    over again... more »

  • Captured

    You came
    just when my arms were
    too weak
    and I could only... more »

  • Clown

    If I make faces and paste a smile,
    will you forget originality
    and mimic my style?... more »

  • Clutter

    This clutter needs to be arranged.
    I see it on my desk
    but I know
    it's coming from my brain... more »

  • Core

    Hesitate not to penetrate
    like a wide-eyed kid
    who eternally flips the pages.
    For surely he can never unravel... more »

  • Crisp Sheets, Spaghetti And You

    I should start writing.
    for you.... more »

  • Favors

    Maybe, I owe myself a favor.
    I need a rest.

    We've been running around our circle.... more »

  • For H

    His gaze seem to question the truth in all I say
    But his smile reassures me to say it anyway;
    His words are pure honesty - open and trusting
    His ways has no pretenses - what you see is what you're getting... more »

  • Futile

    You gave me the right to choose
    which I never knew I'd lose
    right before my eyes -
    lies!... more »

  • Head Bowed Down

    I'm sorry...

    sadly, I doubted
    despite the truth;... more »

  • Heartwaves

    Faster than light, more vivid than sound
    Stronger than might, with endless bounds.

    More accurate than instinct, more precise than a hunch... more »

  • Home For Christmas

    I brought you out here tonight to look at the lights
    they put together for Christmas.
    You held onto my fingers,
    The only ones that could fit into those tiny hands... more »

  • If We Were Kids

    If we were kids
    I would have dragged you out in the rain
    and showed you how beautiful it is
    if we were under it -... more »

  • Linked

    Caught in the vastness of space and time,
    How do you find a match of the truest kind?
    Where HERE crosses distance and NOW skips the hours,
    Where LATER is for parting, to delay a minute longer.... more »

  • Lost

    Thinking, reflecting she can't seem to see
    Stop, look and listen, the signs becoming blurry;
    Her life now is what she wanted before
    But the searching continues, she's wanting for more.... more »

  • Meanings

    Meanings change
    with people.

    You say... more »

  • Mechanical

    Didn't I tell you?
    I am no machine!

    You can't just format me... more »

  • Odd Love

    It's unfair
    the way you stare
    and the roller coaster ride
    begins... more »

  • Right In The Middle

    right in the middle
    of red and yellow
    i know
    you have to go... more »

  • Roads

    I have driven
    this too familiar road
    countless times before
    but today... more »

  • Short

    I made a resolution.
    I'm keeping it short.
    Less words.
    No explanations.... more »

  • Something Must Be Wrong With My Hands

    Something must be wrong with my hands.
    My plants are dying
    and I've killed 2 of my dogs.
    Well, not that I strangled them to death.... more »

  • Sophia

    You have come down
    from the heavens
    to keep us together... more »