• A Girl Named Lotus

    Jealous, green with envy
    Is one girl who sits and waits
    For hours she is seething
    And refuses to participate... more »

  • A Little Psychotic Episode

    Don’t tell me again
    I don’t want to talk right now
    It’s pain enough to hear you
    Scream that it’s my fault... more »

  • A Sick Man

    A sick man deprived of Love, alone
    Steals the love that others own
    He wants, He needs, He Thirsts, He taunts
    Till love is just a thing that’s earned... more »

  • A Tangent Of A Life, Of A Feeling

    What is life about?
    Do you know?
    What do I really wish for?
    What do I really feel?... more »

  • A Tangent Of A Life, Of A Memory (Read This First)

    If I put my life on pause
    What would come of it?
    Could I reshape, change
    Everything that has happened... more »

  • Addicted

    I want to stay addicted to this drug
    It gives me warmth that spreads
    Throughout my body
    It cures me of cold, lonely nights... more »

  • All You Need

    There was a girl who wished she could love someone
    But was to scared to trust in them
    She wanted to believe in herself
    But kept getting dragged down by all around... more »

  • As The Door Closes

    So the door closed behind me and I knew
    She wasn’t the same
    And I felt so god damn guilty
    That I wasn’t there... more »

  • Because Pink Is The New Black

    Have you got the news?
    Pink is the new Black!
    No more victimisation
    Have you got the news?... more »

  • Black Satin

    I like the night sky
    It tells me stories
    My Moon watches over me-
    and its smile comforts me... more »

  • Broken Sculptures And Superglue

    They sculptured me
    Into many things
    Programming my mind
    To project illusions... more »

  • Cashier's Temptation To The Underworld

    Oh, it’s a dark place here
    In the slimy underground
    With the larrikin joker
    And the gambling thieves... more »

  • Change For Us

    Your schedule
    For me
    It’s all about what fits in... more »

  • Complexity: My Lover

    I don’t understand all your complexities
    All your muses
    All your clauses
    Problems... more »

  • Creature

    There’s something laying deep inside
    Should I tell them? Or should I hide?
    I wish some days I wasn’t here
    Would they notice if I disappeared?... more »

  • Dangerous Minds

    I’m so tired of everything
    You and your mind has to say
    Leave me? Love me?
    Love me? Leave me?... more »

  • Don'T Believe

    Don’t believe that everything will be ok
    They say- they say that tomorrow is just another day
    Go on and smile but don’t pray
    Just because they say everything will be ok... more »

  • Eyes Of The Dreamer

    Eyes of the Dreamer
    Won’t back down from this life
    Until I fall and my problems will be fixed
    I sit by my window and watch the rain fall... more »

  • Fade In.... Fade Out...(Dream Sequence)

    Such a starry cold night
    Misty moors... more »

  • Faith

    Monotone voices carry throughout the church
    The People who say they are “believers”
    Fulfillers of the faith-
    Sound like they would rather be out shopping... more »

  • Finally Free

    Sink into the ocean
    Take a look at your demands
    Spiral down
    Like a clown... more »

  • For You....

    For you…

    I would never sell my soul just to keep you
    You wouldn’t love a vacant me... more »

  • Friendship Lasts Forever?

    Something inside of me
    Won’t let me get this out... more »

  • God Can'T

    God can’t tell us
    God can’t save us
    God can’t wipe our tears
    God can’t save us from our fears... more »

  • In My Eyes

    In my eyes there’s an unrevealed sadness
    In my eyes there’s a hint leading to madness
    In my eyes there’s a reflection of you
    Don’t look twice- there’s nothing we can do... more »