• A Fool's Logic

    his reality….... more »

  • Fantaseas

    In a dark corner
    of Mikko’s bar
    in a city of fear
    he peers... more »

  • Ghosts March

    One of my anit-war pieces...

    anti-war demonstrator terrorized outa me
    to instead toe the line of the ruling party... more »

  • Mighty Things

    Dreams are mighty things
    lurking within
    filling out... more »

  • Music Of A Vision.

    If I could ever hear
    The music, of a flower
    Slowly unfurling to bloom
    Blowing out kisses of perfume... more »

  • Rainbow Dancer

    O Rainbow
    your soft glow
    pure love, ‘tis glorious... more »

  • Sacred

    What is it that I hold sacred?
    Why is it that I hold it sacred?
    But legends and myths
    Of faraway desert nomads... more »

  • Silent Pages

    Another passing moment
    writes a line in the firmament
    And the passing days
    Write their own verse of phrases... more »

  • Stalemate

    Have the winds of change ceased
    To blow, and the status quo
    Threatens hope amidst
    The collective messy chaos?... more »

  • The Irony Of Bloody Sweet

    They spend more
    huge budgets for war

    excited about the prize... more »

  • Timideus

    O inquisitive mind
    what is it that thou seek
    and hope to find?
    Is it better than musique?... more »

  • Warsophy

    Civility hath no door
    Sanity’s obscure
    through the fog of war... more »