• A Boy Locked Up My Heart And Kept The Key Hidden

    From this point on entry is forbidden
    Because a boy locked up my heart and kept the key hidden
    But even if he didn’t I wouldn’t let you in
    Unless you have what he had on the outside and within... more »

  • A Place To Clear My Mind

    I'm in search for a place to clear my mind
    I'm in search for something that I can't find
    Because wherever I go I think about you
    If you only knew... more »

  • By My Side

    You are always there
    Always by my side
    Always have a haven
    When I want to hide... more »

  • Can You Tell

    Can you tell Im in love
    By the way that I smile
    By the way that I say
    That the pain was worthwhile... more »

  • Farewell Forever, Good-Bye

    So much time passed and never I knew
    That I was uncertain about what I felt about you
    I could have never guessed that in a matter of time
    I would no longer want you mine... more »

  • How Do I...? ? ?

    How do I be free when all I see is incarceration?
    How do I expand when all I see is isolation?
    How do I trust you when you don't trust me?
    How do I be my own person when you won't let me be me?... more »

  • How Many Tears Are Left In My Eyes

    How many tears are left in my eyes?
    Why do I laugh when I really want to cry?
    I wonder why I get up everyday
    When in the end it will turn out the same way... more »

  • I Can Never Let It Show

    All that's left to do
    Is forget about the past
    But I can't forget you
    I don't want the misery to last... more »

  • I Have Learn To Live Without You Somehow

    I'm laying down, alone, in my room
    Waiting patiently for my doom
    I don't want to keep going
    I could feel my world slowing... more »

  • I Loved You From The Start

    I know I wouldn't
    Be able to live without you
    Sometimes I wonder
    If you'd die without me too... more »

  • Id Rather Pretend Then Face The Truth

    Id rather pretend
    That its all okay
    Then confess what I feel
    Each and everyday... more »

  • I'M Scared

    I'm scared I'll fall for you
    Like I fell for him
    I'm scared this feeling will start
    A tornado in my skin... more »

  • It's Him.

    I dare not open my eyes
    Seeing him, my demise
    Every touch, every kiss
    Is that of the boy I miss... more »

  • Lie To Me

    If you ever stop loving me
    I want you to lie
    Tell me that you love me
    And that our love will never die... more »

  • Like A Butter Knife

    Love cuts through my life
    Like a butter knife
    And lets face it thats not a lot
    I cannot believe... more »

  • Like You There's None

    So many ways I can do this
    But I choose this way
    You’re what I most miss
    And that’s all I have to say... more »

  • Look At You

    Look at you Miss “I’m not scared”
    Look at you Miss “I’m prepared”
    I can see behind those eyes
    I see the insecurity that lies... more »

  • Love Story (Poem)

    Let me tell you a story
    About a girl and a boy
    The girl was in love
    Oh what joy... more »

  • My Sweet Malediction

    Im not afraid anymore
    Of my sweet malediction
    This is so unbelievable
    It feels like fiction... more »

  • My Two Cents Worth

    'I love you'
    Rubbish... lie
    You never did
    You never tried... more »

  • Safe And Sound

    How long I stood there
    I do not know
    I loved how it felt
    I couldn't go... more »

  • She Cries

    ... more »

  • Silence

    The silence of our conversation
    Is worse than anything you can say
    And that fact that there's but silence between us
    Is well to my dismay... more »

  • Silence Part Ii

    The silence continues
    And so does this game
    What's worst is I know
    That I'm the only one to blame... more »

  • Silence Part Iii

    Silence is the only thing I hear
    Silence is what I fear
    Silence tells me that nothing remains
    Silence tells ne that its the end of your game... more »