Mohammed Asim Nehal often referred to as Asim with the pen name " Ashi" born on 26th April in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India is a multilingual poet. He writes poems in English, Hindi and Urdu. He is passionate about writing. His writing career started in the early 80's. His contemporary poets consider him to be a poetic gem who not only writes poems in different forms such as Haikus, Limericks, Ghazals, but also writes on many subjects which are close to nature and heart.He expresses humor and metaphors very well. His writings touch the hearts of many readers. His poems are very insightful and simple to understand. Some of his poems are mystic which reflects deep philosophical values.

Though he is a CA Chartered Accountant by profession, his passion towards poetry is amusing. " A chartered accountant by brain, a poet by soul and a true man by heart" .

His poems have the serenity to fill anybody's heart with peace and love.

On Poem Hunter site Poet Kumarmani Mahakul conferred a title of honour to Mohammed Asim Nehal as " Special Moon" .


M. Asim Nehal Poems

Birthday Gift For My Sister - With Love

When I asked sea about the Pearls,
It laughed and said that is one of my lovely jewels.

When I asked about light to the sun!... more »

On Cross Roads

My mind says - Leave it and proceed!
My heart says - Stay and believe,
Is it a tug of war between mind and heart?... more »

M. Asim Nehal Quotes

How innocent I am, I don't know the person who lives in me And I try to access everyone I meet. How innocent I am, I spent time in exploring galaxies and far worlds Whereas my immediate neighbors are alien to me. How innocent I am, To think about my future and plan for it When moments are slipping from me presently.
To all innocence people of the world.
They will never say what all "Good" you did. But will always point a finger on what you missed They enjoy their success in finding your faults You continue doing what your heart wants.
In Rubaiyat style..............
Never close your lips for those, to whom you have opened your heart ♥

Comments about M. Asim Nehal

Shreya Hacks Yesterday
There are many young and talented poets on this site and I really enjoy reading poem but you stand apart from them because of your heart wrenching poems, deep thought full poems, philosophical poems, and above all the love poems.
Gordon Walter 25 Sep 02:46
Congratulation to you, you are among 500 top poets of the world, this is a serious thing to happen and your poems speaks a lot about this. Your poems are very creative and original. Anybody will fall in love instantly with them. I wish you Good Luck.
Congratulations, M.Asim Nehal, for consistently being put on top 500 Poets, No.2 on top Popular Member Poets of Poem Hunter (July -Aug.30) and No.12 on Treasure Island Standings of Poem Hunter. These accolades are truly reflective of your unceasing love and devotion to Poetry. Poem Hunter is blessed by your presence.