Comments About M. Asim Nehal

Asim, is a wonderful poet. His poems are thoughtful and close to reality. He uses imagery, similes very well. His philosophical poems are real pleasure to read. My best wishes to him.
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 Oct 04:53
I take golden opportunity to congratulate poet M. Asim Nehal for achieving higher rank #243 on top 500 poets of the world on date 24 October 2020, Saturday. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him and his family.
Sylvia Frances Chan 24 Oct 02:41
Dear Mr. Asim Sir, it's still very early in the Netherlands, BUT what do my eyes SEE? ! Poet M. Asim Nehal is ranked # 243 on top 500 poets today on 24 October 2020. I wish to CONGRATULATE YOU with this rank #243 on top 500 poets. I am truly happy for you. God's Blessings Greatest for you. Best wishes from The Netherlands
Poetic Sky 23 Oct 01:01
You are modern genius poet. We don't see genuine poets with such graceful qualities to write on variety of subjects. Wish you good luck.
Ricky Manhatten 21 Oct 10:46
Asim Sir, is a poetic gem. I have read many poems by now and can say he write with true feelings. His poems are soothing, thoughtful, intriguing, wishful and philosophical. His love and poem on nature is simply fabulous. I wish him good luck.
Poetic Sky 21 Oct 03:17
Need no introduction on PH site I feel he is well known. His poem does the talking. God bless him for serving us.
Zoyza Da Vinka 20 Oct 11:21
M.A.Nehal, is a thinking poet. His poems are worth reading again and again. The way he deals with the subject is amusing and that makes him stand in different league all together. May all his wishes come true and Almighty Allah bless him with success.
Mamta S 20 Oct 12:57
मैं उन्हें दिल से बधाइयां पेश करती हूं और आशा करती हूं कि वह भविष्य में भी अच्छी अच्छी कविताओं से हमारा मनोरंजन करेंगे भगवान उनको लंबी उम्र दे
Mamta S 20 Oct 12:56
Asim Nehal is Daur ke Ek Shandar Kavi Hai Jin Ki kavitaen Dil Ko Chhu Leti Hai Hua Chi bhasha mein main acchi acchi kavitaen likhate Hain Main ummid Karti Hun Ki vah Aur Bhi acchi kavitaen Likhenge aur ham Sab Ka Manoranjan ISI Tarah Se Karte Rahenge sath mein main unhen Badhai bhi deti hoon ki vahan 500 chuninda kaviyon Mein Shamil Ho chuke hain
Barbara Bush 16 Oct 11:34
M.Asim Nehal is one of my favourite poet. Though I am not a member here, I often come and read his top poem sent to me in Facebook link. His poems are close to life and it makes us think about philosophy, reality, relationships, love and nature. I am fortunate to read and express my views. May GOD bless him with health, knowledge and wisdom.