• .....Until You Reach Your Goals

    O Ye what are you waiting for?
    Fly on the wings of hope,
    This sky is waiting for you
    The shadow is fed up of staying... more »

  • ♥ दिल ♥ खोलने की चाबियाँ

    बज़ाहिर तौर पर इसका इल्म किसी को नहीं कि एक दिल में कितने दरवाजे होते हैं
    और कितनी चाबियाँ उन दरवाज़ों को खोल सकती है हां लेकिन मैंने इसका नतीजा देखा है

    अगर यह मुख्तलिफ चाबीयों से इसे खोले तो क्या हो सकता है... more »

  • ❤️ दिल का हाल

    दिल को तार तार करते वो बांसुरी के स्वर
    कुछ टूटे पंख तितलियों के
    कुछ बिखरी सूरज की किरणे
    ठण्ड से कप कपाते हाथ... more »

  • ❤️~stay With Me Tonight

    On the wings of wishes
    Upon the waves of emotions
    I travelled alone in my thoughts
    Crossing the bridge of relationships... more »

  • A Beautiful Mind

    The décor of life is done
    In a beautiful mind
    that is fertile with
    Spectrum of ideas... more »

  • A Birthday Gift

    I wish happiness encounter you at every nook and corner

    And your eyes glimmer more than the rays of the diamond... more »

  • A Birthday Gift - Ye Sab Mil Jaye

    Dil ki har tamanna har mod par mil jaye...

    Khushiyon ka saamna hal pal har ghadi ho jaye...... more »

  • A Body Without Soul

    ... more »

  • A Celestial Love

    The childhood love between the SUN and the MOON
    Turned out in such an enmity
    When one appears the other disappears
    And supporters follow their masters... more »

  • A Closed Door

    Whenever I pass by, I always see that door remains closed
    I kept passing by in hope that someday I shall see it open

    Everybody saw my patience and perseverance... more »

  • A Conflict

    He was born in a religious family
    Brought up in a decent manner
    Well taught, finely nurtured
    Carefully groomed and fostered... more »

  • A Conversation - On Reaching Top

    From the hilltop as i was sliding
    A voice called me and said; Why don't you stay?
    I am alone here, people come and go nobody stays.
    You must give me company, now since you have come so far... more »

  • A Conversation Between - A Bird And The Pond

    A bird flew towards the pond
    Sat on at one side of its bank
    And started a conversation
    You poor pond, don't you feel dumb... more »

  • A Conversation With Almighty

    We keep on complaining that HE never listens
    We keep losing hope when tough time appears
    We always feel nobody is there to take care
    And the Almighty replies saying "I Am There"... more »

  • A Conversation With My Life...

    He asks me what you have stored for me ……….My LIFE

    Oh, how innocent question he poses..
    What have you stored for me my Life? ? ? ?... more »

  • A Cup Of Love.....

    Do not offer me
    A cup of tea or coffee
    When I visit you
    Nor do offer me... more »

  • A Debate

    The debate is on since centuries
    Ever since life on earth existed
    And you will find perfect division
    Half believe in Inner beauty and... more »

  • A Dew Drop

    I saw a tiny rainbow
    in the dewdrop this morning
    a new world of brilliant colours
    a new hope of living another year.... more »

  • A Dewdrop

    Silently slipped
    From the dark night
    Hoping to see the bright light
    From the familiar zone... more »

  • A Digital Love ♥

    Welcome to this digital love of the twenty first century
    On the electronic platform
    Many customized profiles floats
    In the same way... more »

  • A Dirge - On Life

    Walk Straight, walk Upright, always
    And when the going is tough, have patience
    Don't flatter, don't rattle, by dispraise
    Life will test you with, every relation.... more »

  • A Dream Seller

    I sell my dreams to the lights of the day
    And wait patiently to see the results.
    Some returns with honors and some for fine-tuning
    Nevertheless I get encouragement to pursue more.... more »

  • A Dream..

    On the edge of the moon
    I wonder what life will hold
    If I slip from there in this world
    What dreams will accompany me to land... more »

  • A Dreamland

    Our Life on earth is full of hustle bustle
    We are floating on the stream of time
    To meet the necessity and ends
    But Life is beyond this for sure.... more »

  • A Euphoric Radiance

    Eyes see not
    Lips taste not
    Ears hear not
    Mind thinks not... more »