• Brainwash

    Have you ever stopped to think the world is a hoax.
    That everyone has their own dimension,
    Their own way to see the colors.... more »

  • Crazy Notion

    why does it hurt me so much
    to let go of the crazy notion I have
    Of the two of us holding hands
    As we stroll aimlessly along the beach.... more »

  • Only A Vison

    You are the only guy I will ever love.
    I tell everyone I am over you,
    And that I used you.... more »

  • Words Just Flow

    It's amazing how words just flow
    You don't know where you're gonna go
    all you know is words just flow.... more »

  • You Don'T Know What It Is

    You Don't Know What it Is
    You don't know what it is
    Until you are sucked into a world you don't want to belong to,
    Finding you are predjudice to your own kind.... more »