M.E. Schiotis Poems

I Was Wrong

I stabbed the last piece of trust over and over again
and it weakly died in front of me
poor and small on the floor
like a bit of opaque pillow... more »


On the empty black streets
you used to be my coat
I'd crawl inside and doze
as though the world didn't exist... more »

Turquoise Breeze

The salt and the sea
churn together
plunge deep into the body of water
Digging into the soul of the ocean... more »

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Comments about M.E. Schiotis

Thomas W. Case 10 Aug 2019 11:39
Mary is the best female writer that I have ever read, bar none. She fly's so far above mediocrity.
Thomas Case 10 Aug 2019 11:29
The best female writer I've ever read.....bar none.