• I Want...

    I want...
    2 drink the essential of life from your navel.
    I want...
    2 hear the stimulation of your soul.... more »

  • I Would Tell U...

    If I was a poet.
    I would write a poem 4 u.
    Just so u'll know how I feel and think about u.
    If I wrote a poem about u,... more »

  • Just My Size

    Sitting here,
    Looking N2 your eyes.
    I have a new favorite color.
    The shape of your lips...... more »

  • Just Thinking About U, Continued

    After my feet touched the floor,
    I sat on the bed's edge staring at the fone.
    The key pad plays a symphony 2 my ears that Bach nor Beethoven could have composed.
    As a fone call resurrect the emotionally lonely!... more »

  • Love Her So

    This day is no different,
    then any other day.
    All I do is think of her.
    We r apart.... more »

  • My Secret

    N my sleep I c her.
    She's much,
    more than I could ever illusion.
    Even n my slumber,... more »

  • Oral Passion

    I adore the landscape of your beautiful body,
    as it is spread out b 4 me.
    I'm nestled b'tween your thighs,
    my nose tickles from your nest of curls.... more »

  • Poetic Tongue

    Allow me 2 tease your navel from the n'side.
    As my tongue swirls around your pink pearl.
    My nose tickles from your nest of curls.
    Your timex truely could take a licking.... more »

  • Thoughts Of U Won'T Sleep

    The sound of reggae caresses the air.
    As moonlite plays hide and seek thru the blinds.
    my pulse quickens.... more »

  • True Roots

    Like colored hair, I revealed my true roots 2 u.
    Sooner then any other b4 u.
    Know I am more then 1, less then a 100 but can I b the satisfaction u seek.
    Wrapping ourselves around the concept of each other.... more »

  • U Don'T Have A Clue

    5' 11'
    290 lbs.
    Pretty ass smile,
    with a dimple on the side.... more »