• Bliss

    Make me a promise
    Swear me a vow
    Tell me it'll all be fine somehow
    I'm in it for all... more »

  • Fish

    I'm a fish beneath the sea
    Swimming in these troubled waters
    And I just can't seem to breathe
    Swimming fast as I can go... more »

  • Lullaby For Little Bird

    Little Bird, my Little Bird
    Soar away on the wings of your dreams
    But when morning comes, fly home to me
    So I can tell you good morning... more »

  • The Dried Rose

    Our love is like the dried rose
    No life left inside
    All color is faded
    But looks the same as when it died... more »

  • The Heart

    Envied could be the seasons
    Ever changing without a hurry
    They know what's next and is to come
    Like all immortals, the future is no worry... more »