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streets where the danger is obvious
green arms of occult practices
corpses floating on the water
and a body
a body for blocking the day's lamps
a body for falling through a landscape of birds
for going out early in the morning and coming back very late
surrounded by dwarfs and lilac fields
a body for covering your absence
like a bedspread
a place setting
a perfume

this or its contrary, but somehow gaping
and with many people there to see what it is
this or a population of sixty thousand souls devouring scarlet pillows on their way to the sea
and arriving, at dusk,
next to the submarines

this or a torso dislodged from a verse
and whose death makes everyone proud
o pallid city built
like a fever between two floors!
we'll home deliver
dirt for filling up candelabras
smoldering beds for erect lovers
slates with forbidden words
- a woman for the fellow who's losing interest in life (Here, take her!),
two grandchildren for the old woman at the end of the line (That's all we have!) -
we'll pillage the museum give a diadem to the world and then require it to be put back in the same place,
and for you and for me, favorably situated,
some poison to pour into the giant's eyes

this or a face a solitary face like a boat in search of a gentle breeze for the night
if we're sand that's sifted
in a slack wind among painted bushes
if an intention is bound to reach its shore like the ocean's currents shipwrecks and storms
if the man of hostels and boardinghouses lifts his damp cratered forehead
if the sun outside is shining more than ever
if for a minute
it's worth
this or happiness in the simple form of a pulse
shimmering amid the foliage of the loftiest lamps
this or the said happiness the airplane of cards
that comes in through the window that goes out by the roof
so does the pyramid exist?
so does the pyramid say things?
is the pyramid each person's secret with the world?

yes my love the pyramid exists
the pyramid says many many things
the pyramid is the art of dancing in silence

and in any case

there are public squares where a lily can be sculpted
subtle regions where blueness flows
gestures belonging to no one boats underneath flowers
a song by which to hear you arrive... more »


O meu amigo inglês que entrou no quarto da cama e correu de um só gesto todas as cortinas
sabia o que corria
digo disse direis era vergonha
era sermos estranhos mais do que isso: estrangeiros
e tão perto um do outro naquela casa
mas eu vejo maior mais escuro dentro do corpo
e descobri que a luz é coisa de ricos
gente que passa a vida a olhar para o sol
cultivar abelhas no sexo liras na cabeça
e mal a noite tinge a faixa branca da praia
vai a correr telefonar para a polícia

E não bem pelas jóias de diamante os serviços de bolso e as criadas
digo ricos de espírito
ricos de experiência
ricos de saber bem como decorre
para um lado o sémen para o outro a caca
e nos doces intervalares
a urina as bibliotecas as estações o teatro
tudo o que já amado
e arrecadado no canto do olho a implorar mais luz para ter sido verdade

O meu amigo inglês não se lembrava
senão dos gestos simples do começo
e corria as cortinas e criava
para além do beijo flébil que podemos
a viagem sem fim e sem regresso... more »


My English friend who entered the bedroom and drew the curtains with a single swipe
knew what he was drawing
I say he said you'll say it was shocking
it's that we were strangers strangers and foreigners
and so close to each other in that house
but I see more widely more darkly inside the body
and I've discovered that light is something for the rich
those who spend their lives gazing at the sun
cultivating bees in their sex organs lyres in their heads
and no sooner does night touch the white strip of beach
than they run and phone the police

And it's not so much the diamonds and conveniences and housemaids
I mean the rich in spirit
rich in experience
rich in knowing how
semen flows out one side and feces out the other
and in the sweet in-betweens
there's urine and libraries train stations the theater
all that has been loved
and stored in the corner of an eye imploring more light for it to have been true

My English friend remembered only
simple beginning gestures
and he drew the curtains and created
beyond the feeble kiss we can kiss
the endless voyage of no return... more »

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 09 Apr 2018 12:35
One day You are going to lead the world of modern poetry. Will you, dear poet add a few lines about you in your Biography section. I am greatly interested to know the background and the schools of thought that back the kind f poetic imagination you show. I wish you a very long poetic life ahead. I would love to share some of my similar poems with you too. Regards. Subhas