• Betrayal

    Told I would betray
    I shared the bread anyway,
    I drank the wine
    And spilt the blood divine.... more »

  • Blue Sky End

    Sword, headband, flag and fighter plane -
    the pulsating rhythm of the idling engine beckons.
    We have waited, we have suffered - now we attack!... more »

  • Canvas Moths

    Life and death grasped
    so firmly in his skinny hands;
    but in the lad's red-rimmed eyes
    glimmers only death.... more »

  • Christmas Again

    Bright lights, warm colours,
    Much hype, much spending;
    Embrace the countdown season,
    Excitement never-ending.... more »

  • Fallen Icons

    Doors swing limply
    in the steel breeze.
    Beaten and gashed,
    shrieking and crying... more »

  • Free Fare

    Step inside this gleaming carriage:
    Your driver's cute, the ticket's cheap
    And miss the ride - you'll surely weep.... more »

  • Judgement Of The Gods

    "'Let my people go! '
    the Lord God of Israel says",
    declared Moses.... more »

  • Killing Me

    The basic need to pay the bills:
    So simple, so complex, such pain.
    It's not work but the job that kills.... more »

  • My Point?

    Feel like dirt
    feel like nothing
    to myself, to you,
    to - anyone.... more »

  • Several Hundred Times

    I must have said this several hundred times,
    I'm getting bolder, please now give your ear,
    While stuttering less often through these lines... more »

  • Spinner

    Dredger of air, reaper of rich sky worlds
    awaiting the glinting emeralds and
    sapphires of the Sun's golden highways.... more »

  • Veiled

    Golden pitcher
    drops of love falling
    words and healings.... more »