• [love Is Not Crafted... ]

    Love is not crafted and polished of stone or
    egyptian cotton torn along a seam. It is neither
    unbreakable nor easily mended. when dropped it
    will neither bounce nor crumple into a neat pile.... more »

  • [suppose You Got Up... ]

    suppos you got up,
    walked out of the room,
    aroudn the corner of the
    hall, and ran smack-dab... more »

  • Baby Ben

    You konw,
    In many ways
    you are the boss of this room
    moreso than any dresser, desk,... more »

  • Dear Patron...

    (for the librarians)

    All items must be returned
    no later than the last date stamped... more »

  • Y

    An article of clothing
    can always be clean the next morning
    it doesn't matter if
    it has been exposed to... more »