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Sip, What Is It?

It will start with a question, which will be followed by an action,
with perseverance, hard work and patience, it will then end to a solution.
This is how and for what a science investigatory project is.
Filipino students in the science curriculum are given a special privilege.... more »


The word is quite difficult to attain.
Yet, it drives us to do and give our best in all our endeavors, so as to be fulfilled, happy and contented.
As I assessed myself, I think i'm still halfway there.
Though I always try to do and give my best in my daily task as a teacher and as an adviser, but still I'm not satisfied with the school outcomes specifically achievement test results.... more »

Who Could Tell

Happy and full of anticipation was our first meeting
Together everyday unknowingly love was blooming
Destiny lead our lives to knot-tying
With faith in God the future was very promising... more »

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