Mabelle Atienza Poems

The Last Embrace

You walked as fast as you can
Bringing with you the food you have to partake
Life is difficult, you have to make do
The provisions the nuns have provided... more »

Your Tender Touch

your tender touch
reaches this very soul
thirsting and burning
the desire to be with you... more »

The Rescue

a little boy and a girl of seven
went to swim in the river at ten
after school was over
time to relax, time to enjoy... more »

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Comments about Mabelle Atienza

Robert Howard 11 Sep 2008 10:11
Guess what? Meggie's poem Faith, Hope and Laughter has been chosen as the text for a children's choral piece by the composer, Stephen Paulus. Mr. Paulus is a nationally recognized composer of orchestral, choral and operatic compositions. This is a great success and well deserved honor.
she gives us her touching heart print, she is a poet indeed.
Marvin Brato 07 Jan 2008 03:19
Meggie is a girl friend in PH, she is a lady who sees the emotions of many and discern the innermost feelings of man. She brings joy and inspiration to people by her poems. She can become a great poet!