• A Child's Story

    Long I keep these pains inside my heart
    Since childhood, in my early age
    And though it may be easy to forget
    And forgiveness lies behind those tears... more »

  • A Dream To My Land

    I have a dream O, my beloved land
    Deep in my heart, I wish that you might see
    My love and hope for you, my dear country
    I dream that loyalty will be the bond... more »

  • A Question

    New days of your life are approaching
    And you didn't know what kind of days they will be... more »

  • Abortion

    My song was sad every time I see a woman
    With a heart soaked in dark sins, committing murder
    I want to ask her if she was a true mother
    Inside her womb, she did kill her daughter and son... more »

  • Above


    For you will leave this world and all is vain,... more »

  • Applause

    So many of us want to be famous
    Want to be recognized by the public
    But this is all greed, we are oblivious
    This desire will turn out to be tragic.... more »

  • Awakened Tears

    Once, bright days turn to sorrowful years
    Where strangers came to the Orient Sea
    And ruled my own beloved country
    Filipinos have nothing but fears... more »

  • Bad Root, Bad Fruit

    O mothers, did you see, did you see the youth
    And the polluted minds of your dear children?
    Mothers, think and visualize what will happen
    I saw them, the way they speak without the truth... more »

  • Bad Side

    The files of observing seems not aligned
    And the proper ways of people weren’t clear
    They came from humans with blind-folded mind
    There’s a coat of false predictions they wear... more »

  • Bandwagon

    Only a few understand the real sport,
    Bandwagon fans jump in to show support,... more »

  • Be Doers, Not Hearers

    You have heard many voices teaching you
    A lot of life's lessons and advice too
    You think deeply and you begin to listen
    But after the days, words are forgotten... more »

  • Be True!

    Are you hiding in the shadow of the real you?
    Why you need to pretend even you know what's true?
    Are you ashamed so that you wear masks on your face?
    Why you need to deceive everyone in fake ways?... more »

  • Beautiful World

    I went to a place where I found myself alone
    Where I watch the birds singing on melodious tone
    Trees are swaying and winds are on the gentle blow
    Beautiful things I've seen, arrange from row to row... more »

  • Blessed Life

    In this world, let eyes open that we might see
    And feel how beautiful life is, all in all-
    Filled with colors like bright paintings on the wall
    We’ve gentle hands to help the poor and needy... more »

  • Books

    Again, I'm alone in the library
    After the class hours, I always go here... more »

  • Bouncing Back

    Bouncing Back
    After a hard loss and the pains suffered,
    A greater motivation is then made,... more »

  • Calendar

    I counted on you
    The times, moments, and seasons... more »

  • Calendar Of Beautiful Days

    Despairs awoke my body’s chiming clock
    And my eyes are covered with a black smoke
    Heavy load of burden was on my back
    And on my neck was an inspiring yoke... more »

  • Can We Settle This?

    Even a single word has a power
    An angry tongue can spell a disaster
    Never quiet is the volcano
    Dragons sleep not for too long... more »

  • Chances

    Life is not always positive
    There are paths of longings,
    Failures and frustrations
    With deep sighs, empty spaces... more »

  • Child Labor

    Gazing upon the bitter field
    I saw hollow hope and plenty tears
    There are acrid voices my heart hears
    In the land that was never tilled... more »

  • Colorful Vision

    The eyes were closed but the vision was bright
    The sight was rough but sharp as laser beams
    Yet it was dim but there is inner light
    Enclosed to the region of living dreams... more »

  • Comments

    Bitter words may cause a disappointment
    The lips and tongues of men may present
    An artwork of a blind painter
    You can’t live without critizations... more »

  • Constant Thing Is Change

    It falters into pieces,
    A wooden sculpture
    Though it was engraved
    Carefully by a skilled mason... more »

  • Courage

    We often fail and sometimes made mistakes
    In the challenging field what we call life
    Every dawn, the quest for battle awakes
    With a bell ringing in sorrow and strife... more »