Mac is an electrical engineer with the Tennessee Valley Authority who writes poetry as a sideline. Although he has written poems and short stories since his college days, his outputincreased sharply beginning in 1990 when God seemed to be giving him specific glimpses of life and concepts and characters in the Bible. His first book, God Let Me See the Hedge, was published by in September 2004. Other specific poems have been published on various Internet sites including where his poems were twice selected by John Evans as the focus for his monthly editorial. Mac is planning to publish a second book to be titled My Dad Never Took Shortcuts in late 2005. The new poems published at are to be included in the new book.


Mac Wilkey Poems

I'Ll Be The First To Sing

I listened Sunday morning
To all the singing birds;
I saw no choir director
And heard no human words.... more »

God Knows Who Anonymous Is

God knows who anonymous is
He knows why storms hit or miss
He governs all of nature's laws
For each effect, He is the cause... more »

He's The God Of Tommorrow As Well As Today

Have you ever just wondered what God has in store
When He’s saying, “Be patient—just one battle more? ”
Does He know all the burdens that you have to bear?
Does He know that you’re hurting; does He hear every prayer?... more »

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