My name is Mackenzie. I go to a school and i can't stand it. I am 17 and live in a small town, but can't wait to move to the city after I graduate.
I love to write. I love to write because it helps me think and breath. When I see something on paper it just makes more sense. I see things through words and I feel things through music.
Hopefully you like my writing, and if you don't that's cool too just tell me what you think i could improve on. thanks...


Mackenzie Scholte Poems


I lie here,
Cold and shaking
About what's ahead,... more »

The Space Between Us

My head rest
Upon the rise and fall of your chest
Fingers intertwined
Your lips cover mine... more »

Behind My Eyes

The pressure building behind my eyes,
Makes it hard to see,
What is truth?
Which words are lies?... more »

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