• A Million Times

    I could've said it,
    A million times by now
    Whispered through the dark,
    Long coils of a telephone cord... more »

  • Awakening Depression

    She crawls out slowly,
    so slowly you don't see her coming,
    From the very pit of your stomach
    She makes herself at home inside you... more »

  • Behind My Eyes

    The pressure building behind my eyes,
    Makes it hard to see,
    What is truth?
    Which words are lies?... more »

  • Break...Broke

    I think I'm going to break
    Because I just don't know,
    How much of this a person can take
    Sometimes I just get to be stressing,... more »

  • Complimenting

    I lie here,
    Cold and shaking
    About what's ahead,... more »

  • Displacement

    You just told me to get over it
    (What ever)
    Said you've spent enough time
    Feeling bad for my... more »

  • Dressup

    It felt like dressup,
    We were pretending,
    Just playing make-believe... more »

  • Glass

    The tainted glass
    That once scewed my vision,
    Is broken
    I see things with perfect clearity... more »

  • Hearts Are Being Broken

    Hearts are being broken
    When they break they bleed
    Blood that is black
    The black of passion... more »

  • Hidden Me

    Sometimes I feel like there is two of me
    Completely separate,
    But both wanting to be free
    Part of me is up,... more »

  • How Do You Do It

    Sometimes, I want to hold on to you,
    And never let you go
    But then other times,
    When I go to put my arms around you,... more »

  • Hypocricy

    I put on a mask
    Saying this,
    Doing that... more »

  • I Don'T Deserve You

    I don't deserve you,
    I really don't....
    I just say things
    Let them fly out of my mouth... more »

  • I Had Just One More Thing To Say

    I had just one more thing to say,
    Before you had to go
    You didn't even stop to ask,
    What I wanted to know... more »

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    What you said to me,
    Last night... more »

  • Intoxicating

    my eyes are heavy
    wanting to sleep but can't
    for the memory of yo is intoxicating
    ingrained in my mind... more »

  • It's Dark, Where Are You?

    My fist claw at the darkness
    Before my eyes,
    I don't know how to find the light,
    But I know it's hidden... more »

  • Lady Of Class

    What she did to me,
    I could do right back
    Only by lifting a finger,
    But i'm not going to... more »

  • Mirror

    I don't see what you do,
    When you look in a mirror at me
    What you see is perfect,
    you say... more »

  • Morphine

    She can't move, for the pain
    Crawls through her body,
    Lives in her mind
    Morphine drip...... more »

  • Mud, Dirt, Cold

    Rain drops on the window
    And we're moving fast
    And I'm looking out
    At all these things... more »

  • My Prince

    I said what I wanted
    Was to marry a handsome prince
    And be his
    Beautiful princess... more »

  • My Words Are Knives

    My answers are short
    I'm done with talking
    Why open my mouth
    If my words are knives?... more »

  • No Breath (Revised)

    You are the reason
    That I can’t breathe,
    Because when you so selfishly
    Took hold of my heart,... more »

  • Obsession

    I follow you.
    Tip-toeing in the dark,
    Through your shadow....... more »