• A Child At War!

    No bell, No warning, no flare, surrounded!
    I see them all, blood in their eyes
    I see the innocence deep within
    There is no escape, one by one, away we march.... more »

  • A Dream

    If this life a dream, please pinch my cheek so I awake

    My eyes grow tired, I see much more than they can stand... more »

  • A Little Flower

    Please pick me a little flower,
    a sweet scented flower with bright red petals,
    A flower nurtured with heart and plucked with care.... more »

  • A Lover's Fight

    Sweet sixteen, she had a dream
    Fast asleep her mind a drift
    A handsome prince comes riding by
    In his arms, to the palace,... more »

  • A Secret Love

    An empty satire of memories past,
    Empty closet, empty room,
    A little note, all she left,
    Written with hesitation sealed with a kiss.... more »

  • Alone

    She sits alone and flips a page
    The story of her life revealed within
    Years in vain, an endless search
    Visually perceptible, he was to be... more »

  • Beautiful Nation

    Cradle of man, cradle of life
    Your waters flow far and beyond
    Rivers of life, rivers of peace.... more »

  • Broken Heart

    Broken Heart

    He passes by and gets your look,
    You reach out and follow through,... more »

  • Constants

    It looks to me, our life in constants,
    Some is taken some is given.
    In today out tomorrow,
    A door closed a window opened.... more »

  • Cry No More

    Cry no more,
    Shed no tears,
    My beautiful people,
    Children of the sun.... more »

  • Fish

    First it was the balla shark who leaped out of the bowl,
    Then the gold fish who floated to the top
    Now this betta has lost her shine
    And sank all the way to the bottom... more »

  • Her Smile

    Her Smile

    She had a smile not seen before,
    It shined so bright it brightened her face,... more »

  • Hidden City

    Vibrant echoes, empty darkness,
    Buried deep below the earth,
    Below natures succulent shrubs,
    I sing my praise of what I see,... more »

  • His Life

    He lived his life like a poet without a pen,

    Beautiful words, thoughts and expressions,... more »

  • How She Makes Me Feel

    She makes me feel week in my knees
    She makes my troubles melt away
    Like a piper she plays my tune
    Golden melodies to my inner soul.... more »

  • I Lived With An Angel

    She was an angel sent from above,
    Snow white wings and Golden halo,
    They say she brought me to this world,
    Guided me through my every move,... more »

  • I Saw A Cat Tease A Mouse

    He looked at her with piercing eyes
    Slowly and gracefully, he makes his move
    Like a chameleon in motion on a branch.
    He stands still hiding his presence... more »

  • If You Cared

    If you cared to look,
    You wouldn't miss me,
    You would see me there,
    at the intersection, staring as you pass.... more »

  • It Lives Within

    Hard to define yet new to none,
    Creeps in to ruin the day,
    Relentless, Unpredictable.... more »

  • Little Flower

    Please pick me a little flower,
    a little sweet scented flower
    a little flower with bright red petals
    a little flower nurtured with heart... more »

  • Lovely Parakeet

    Lovely Parakeet, Parakeet of the Sun,
    Of all the birds I love to watch,
    She's the finest and prettiest of all,
    Loud and squawky but graciously refined,... more »

  • Mary Jane

    Mary Jane, she was a girl I used to know
    Pretty and fine, but looked for love in many places.
    She met a man who begged for her love,
    He said to give the world and more for her love.... more »

  • Mighty Woman

    For nine month, she is molded with care
    Dreadful pangs surround her exit
    She reaches out and takes a breath
    Full of innocence, a sight to bear.... more »

  • Miles Away

    She said my heart was over the ocean,
    With a lover miles away,
    She said my mind was far from home,
    Wandering lost in the wilderness,... more »

  • Misery

    He stays a wake like the owl of the night
    He tossed and turned like a kitten at play
    But just before the earth is awakened,
    And brightened by the morning sun... more »