i am a girl in my 20's who takes great enjoyment in writing poetry. my poems are selections for all ages. some poems are meant for more mature readers, and others delightful to children.
As you read my poetry, you will immediatly be whisked away on jubilous journeys, be taught the importance of true love, laugh with me at spontanious scenes, and ride by midnight astride a silver silked horse! so, dear readers, saddle up, and lets ride!

will be posting more soon...

thank you, dear readers.

Attention, all readers! I invite you to read my latest poem, The White Lion. I am convinced you will enjoy it.


Macy (Nina) Dvirnak Poems

Baby's Breath

Doubt ye not,
The power of words,

For they can build up,... more »

Certain Death

There are many things in life,
That a person may find-


However, dear friend-... more »

Faulty Blame

Point not your fingers at someone else,
For the blame really lies within yourself.

Do not make up a good excuse,... more »

Macy (Nina) Dvirnak Quotes

They who dare to dream, will become those who dare to succeed. It is these who hold the future.
today's fantasies will be tomorrow's reality. the Wright brothers dared dream of flying which was unreachable and foolish-an already several times failed event, and today, it is an ordinary event. it happens nonstop. it has become reality. yesterday's dreamers held the future-the ordinary events of today. Understand?
Sometimes the wisest thing you can think of to say, is to actually- not say anything, at all.
'there is a time for advice and a time for silence. those who truly wish to be wise will be able to discern the difference'- Macy dvirnak
hurry! Scurry! never worry!
keep up the pace and don't worry

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