• A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

    Meet a boy with scars on both of his wrists
    He is an individual in a world of conformists
    The boy seeks not a single Earthly reward
    For he is a soldier in the Army of the Lord... more »

  • Above And Beyond The Sky

    It is time I spread my wings and fly
    I am gonna go above and beyond the sky
    I am going to travel to places far far away
    Far beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way... more »

  • Be My Princess?

    Girl I'll be your Superman if you be my Lois Lane
    Girl I'll be your Spiderman if you be my Mary Jane
    I just wanna be your one and only superhero
    Cause in my mind you're a ten and every other chick is a zero... more »

  • Beauty Is Not Defined By A Magazine

    You are not beautiful come on, what do you mean?
    You really think beauty is defined by a magazine?
    Come on girl that is just plain ridiculous
    A set definition of beauty is just fictitious... more »

  • Burdens I Carry

    This depression just won't stop filling me
    And this depression is slowly killing me
    I am tired of the burdens I carry on my shoulders
    Lately they feel heavier than a thousand boulders... more »

  • Classic Cars

    Looking out of this damn broken window
    Wondering when I'll finally get some dough
    I think about money a lot, but don't really have any
    So I'm trying real hard to pinch every single penny... more »

  • Curse

    Looking at past writings and every verse
    Seems to be for me just another curse
    Looking back at my inner demon and his rage
    I can feel his bitter aggression in every page... more »

  • Dealing With Depression

    It is hard to deal with this depression
    But thats why I write its a therapy session
    Thats why when ever I go to bed
    There is always paper and a pencil beside my head... more »

  • Dreaming About You Again

    I can not stop dreaming about you again,
    So it must be time to turn back to the pen
    Tell me babygirl what I am supposed to do,
    When all my thoughts are reverting to you?... more »

  • Everybody Says

    Everybody says there is a light at the end of the tunnel
    But lately I have been feeling like my life is more of a funnel
    Cause everything that comes into my life quickly spirals down
    You may see me with a smile, but it is painted on like I’m clown... more »

  • Fly

    I am gonna finally be free
    No more chains to hold me
    I am starting to drift away
    This is my last day... more »

  • For You

    I would have gone through the ringer for you
    But now here is a middle finger for you
    Because I was there when you needed someone
    But where were you when I was holding that gun... more »

  • Forsaken

    I thought she'd care for me and I was mistaken
    And I know now God that I am truly forsaken
    And yes it is quite a weird sensation
    To know I can't appeal my damnation... more »

  • Heart Ache

    Don't care for relationships cause the truth is most girls are fake
    And all they are really good for is causing a whole lot of heart ache
    They'll lie and say they love you forever
    But then your heart they will sever... more »

  • I Am Not Completely Insane

    I promise that I am not completely insane
    I just hear another voice inside my brain
    And I do my best to keep him locked deep inside
    Because I am Doctor Jekyll and he is Mister Hyde... more »

  • I Am The Mad Dew

    I am the Mad Dew
    Problems I have a few
    I am not exactly getting paid
    I don't ride in an Escalade... more »

  • I Hate

    I long to be free from the that world I live in
    I hate this world that worships and champions sin
    I hate all of the greedy
    That care not for the needy... more »

  • I Just Need Some Old Cars

    Tell me are these problems Heaven sent,
    Or just another way to make me Hell bent?
    You know what, I don't even care
    I just wanna go somewhere... more »

  • I Want A Girl

    I want a girl that is real
    That is stronger than steal
    That will help me through this life
    Help me through every single strife... more »

  • Infection

    Meet a kid with anxiety so bad it makes him go completely numb
    He is an intelligent person, but people are convinced he is dumb
    When it comes to other people he doesn’t know how to interact
    Trying to talk to people scares the hell out of him as a matter of fact... more »

  • Inhumane

    It is sad, but I have realized that corruption rules this world
    Ever since the fall of Adam ever downward it has swirled
    It doesn't matter, if you never hurt anyone in your entire damn life
    There will be someone that wants to cut you open with a dull knife... more »

  • It Will All Be Okay

    Dear Lord, life is pretty hard down here on Earth
    And sometimes I curse the day of my birth
    But it will be alright, it will all be okay
    Because I am going to die someday... more »

  • Just Keep Going

    When your backs to the wall
    do you just give up and fall?
    Get kicked in the head
    until your dead... more »

  • Keep On Trudging

    Just keep on going, keep on trudging
    And lift a middle finger to all judging
    Because half of them don't know shit about you
    They are just self-righteous and think that they do... more »

  • Keep Yourself Free

    All of these damn factions
    Are nothing, but distractions
    Trying to turn us all on each other
    They'll turn you against your own brother... more »