Maddi Eden Biography

About Me:

♥ My name is Maddi Eden
♥ I'm twenty six and work in journalism.
♥ Poetry is a secret vice of mine. I never published a poem and I never will. It's for fun and more importantly personal realisation.
♥ Most of my poems are about love, because it is the most easily accessible emotive subject. There are hundreds of thoughts about love in everyone's mind (try reading 'That Hollyword Word') .
♥ I write two types of poem: a trashy song style which satisfies my low-brow urges (look at 'My Destiny' and 'Eternity'.) They're poor poetry.
♥ The type of poem I prefer to write is deeper.
♥ If you're just getting into my work, let me recommend a few favourites:
♥ I SAW YOU (a little trashy, but I like it)
♥ INVISIBLE (it's the most empathetic of my poems) .
♥ RIDICULOUS. This is actually very true.
♥ THAT CHIPPED PAINT'S LOOKIN' BEAUTIFUL is my favourite poem. It's short and sweet with nice imagery.
♥ THAT HOLLYWORD WORD, an outcry against the cliched nature of the word LOVE.
♥ And LISTENING is sad and poignant, at least, I think so.

Please give me as much feedback as possible on my poems. I do ask that if you read them, you rate them and preferably comment (if you give me 5/10 I like to know why) . Always open to constructive criticism.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my poetry. I know I do.