• 1.06am

    It's 1.06 am here
    In Manhattan.

    My feet are cold, I wonder... more »

  • Above

    On an iced December morning, so faded that it could be
    Grey, but if you squint you see... more »

  • All For Nothing

    The sweat on our backs
    The blood in our veins
    The beat of our hearts.
    Pointless, eternal.... more »

  • Average

    I know it.
    You know it.

    My hair is - average.... more »

  • Decay

    Everything will decay
    Almost like a mockery, because
    It's here today
    It won't be for long.... more »

  • Don'T Make Me

    I love you, I do
    But no
    Not that
    Not yet.... more »

  • First Blood

    Hushed whispers
    Of my elders
    What are they talking about?... more »

  • Footprints In The Snow

    The only knowledge worth having
    Is the joy of looking
    Upon a freshly frosted field
    Before seeing your own crunched impressions... more »

  • I Saw You

    I saw you
    You didn't see me
    I know that that's the way
    It's always going to be.... more »

  • Invisible

    When you look at me
    What is it that you see?
    The answer is: whatever I'm standing in front of.... more »

  • It's Just Me & My Prayers

    Left All Alone
    And No One Cares
    Left All Alone
    It's Just Me and My Prayers... more »

  • Legacies

    Photographs are happy
    Lies; they bring back false memories
    And smiles that never were.... more »

  • Listening

    She stands, so still, so poised
    Hears their voices - wait!
    Don't make a sound.... more »

  • Lost

    Eat, sleep, talk, laugh
    Unseeingly, in a trance.
    Sigh, think, feel, move... more »

  • My Destiny

    When I think about it
    Long and hard
    I think that I’m crazy to stay with you.... more »

  • Myour Pain

    I hope it hurts you -

    my hate, dripping from my mouth.
    Gushing from my pores... more »

  • Pneumonia

    When I see your face
    See your smile
    See your love
    For someone else... more »

  • Ridiculous

    Isn't it funny
    How when you're in love
    Ridiculous things
    Have extraordinary meaning?... more »

  • So Much More Than Lovely

    Your writing
    Makes me smile
    It's just
    So lovely... more »

  • Such A Fool

    Such a fool! how stupid I am -
    To fall in love from a distance.

    Such a fool! how stupid I am -... more »

  • Superficial

    The label on your jeans
    The sheen of your complexion
    The length of your nails
    Superficial... more »

  • The Burden

    I see your PIN from over your shoulder one day
    Later, I feel like a game
    So I switch on your phone and type it in.... more »

  • The Way Your Stomach Turns

    everyone knows what i'm talking about.
    when your stomach flips, inside.
    come on, don't pretend you don't know.... more »

  • Under-Rated Pleasures

    The golden sunlight, on your bed in the morning.
    Yawning and stretching in the warm tawny sun
    Like a contented purring cat.... more »