Weird.insane.quiet.loopy. That's me, my writing, my pain in a nutshell. Why I do what I do; I write because many aspects of life inspire and enthral me. Although I am but a casual observer in the world, I long for a creative outlet. Writing gives me freedom, peace of mind and all that jazz. That's what I wish, to give to others how I feel and what I think...And that's about it.


Maddie 'Rae' Berry Poems


Babe, you know it’s true.
I only have this message for you

'You have made this world seem so vial... more »

Good Enough

There is not much I can offer, there is nothing I can give.
How can I? When I’m invisible to your eyes.
I just want to shield you from the lies.
The hurt and pain that you have felt.... more »


You are the butterfly that constantly flutters
into my mind and heart.
Please don’t tear me apart.
I am as fragile as your life.... more »

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