• A Stunning Mystery

    ... more »

  • A Thing Called Love

    Two people glance over at each other,
    Having eyes for one only another,
    Ignoring any other.
    Because for that one moment,... more »

  • Anything More

    As our hands combine and our fingers entwine.
    My feelings cross over the line;
    As to when you put
    Your hand in mine and mine in yours.... more »

  • Baby, It's Not Alright

    You might think that everything's alright because it didn't end up in a fight...
    But no baby it doesn't end there.
    Because you don't care, you have never been there!
    So next time you ask me what is wrong and where I have come from.... more »

  • Butterfly

    You are the butterfly that constantly flutters
    into my mind and heart.
    Please don’t tear me apart.
    I am as fragile as your life.... more »

  • Cannot Love

    I cannot love when my heart is shared by the one who hates me.
    As long as I and she are we, you and I will never be.
    Hopefully in time when I catch your eye,
    you will understand that I have to say goodbye.... more »

  • Change...

    Taken it back
    I knew you would succumb to something like that,
    leaving my mind in a clouded haze...and my eyes trapped in a troubled daze
    Fearing that the worst has become your best feature.... more »

  • Conformity

    I don't want to go,
    I want to stay.
    I'll do anything to
    avoid going that way.... more »

  • Could Have Been Great Together

    I hear you like me or so they say
    Then I thought wow, someone actually
    likes me in that way.
    Too bad it never came true... more »

  • Dark Beauty

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  • Darkest Ride

    Manipulating witch, what makes you think that you know me?
    Can't you see how much you disgust me?
    Of course you don’t. You spoilt cow, you’re idiocy
    Is killing me now.... more »

  • Disguise

    It’s like the world has become so blind,
    I can't seem to find the strength inside
    To put on some disguise and pretend that I’m alright.... more »

  • Erase Me From Your Memory

    Please move on and never think of you and me
    Becoming a ‘we’ again.
    Since that did little good from the first time we met,
    This took me forever to forget!... more »

  • Fallen For The Stranger

    I don’t know who you are,
    I don't know why you care.
    But I want you here, here beside me... more »

  • Fingers Entwine

    ... more »

  • Go Away

    I know that it’s not a nice thing to say
    but I’m going to say it anyway.
    Can’t you just go away!
    It’s hard enough that you can't stay away... more »

  • Good Enough

    There is not much I can offer, there is nothing I can give.
    How can I? When I’m invisible to your eyes.
    I just want to shield you from the lies.
    The hurt and pain that you have felt.... more »

  • Hard To Do Around You

    Forgiveness and happiness are emotions hard to do around you.
    Even though they're simple they're hard to portray,
    when your heart has gone astray.
    And the world has become black and white... more »

  • Hate That I Love You

    And wouldn't you just love to know that
    I hate that love you and I hate your friends
    I’m so sick of wishing for my wish to come true... more »

  • Hate You, Love You

    I hate you, I despise you.
    You and your venomous words
    That’s true.
    There's not much I can say that... more »

  • Heels Over Head

    ... more »

  • Hidden Inside

    Night has become blind, light too hard to find,
    what binding force has become of here.
    In the shadows and mist,
    the things that twitch and twist... more »

  • I Died For My Love

    I loved you and you loved me, you where my king and
    I was your queen.
    Each day our love poured into a stream of never-ending love and
    I believed that you would be my only love.... more »

  • I Have Written You A Opera

    Feel the music cascading from my heart, on to paper forming notes and words.
    Notice that they are all about you and the wonders you do.
    I have written an opera.
    Yes it is true.... more »

  • I Really Do Love You

    You’re dumb,
    You’re no fun,
    Your have crazy, outrageous style.
    That goes with your disjointed smile; maybe it’s due to the fact... more »