• A Butterfly And Me

    A caterpillar of rays
    slithers on a sleeping
    lake's belly, newborn ripples
    gently strike on the cheeks... more »

  • A New Universe

    I think to create
    A universe
    Quite different
    From the one... more »

  • A Poem.

    As I see
    Harry... more »

  • A Rose Of Clods

    To pull my shaky legs,
    she presented me
    clods in a golden box
    on my sixtieth birthday... more »

  • A Soul On Fire

    I am not afraid of the storming wind
    I fully trust the honesty of my sail
    I do not bother what comes my way
    I will push on against the blaring knell.... more »

  • An Either-Or Choice.

    A fine cage
    lies in my heart
    and a bird in it.... more »

  • Be True To Yourself

    The frisking fawns
    and flying birds are
    pleasant to watch -
    I often heard... more »

  • Beggars

    Don't ask the beggar at your door
    meaning of his hungry begging bowl,
    or the earnest supplications in his eyes.... more »

  • Books

    Books are an essence
    of our mental life which we grew
    through the cultivation of time
    So look after them like own children... more »

  • Can You Expect

    Not that being poor
    you could not achieve
    your goal, if so
    Ambedkar, Lincoln and Obama... more »

  • Challenge

    O rabid storm!
    Destroy my shanty
    as badly as you can.
    I will raise it over... more »

  • Childish Questions

    A little child asked
    its father, 'Daddy,
    why the goddess of justice
    ties strip on her eyes? '... more »

  • Colors

    Come on! forget
    days went by and
    look a pied dawn
    dances its way... more »

  • Come In My Dream

    Though not possible for you
    To come in the flesh to me,
    Come in my dream anyway.... more »

  • Come On

    Come on, let’s plant
    Our tender feelings
    In the soil of time
    And hope for flowers... more »

  • Cowards Are Curses

    If against your will
    your are chained
    or put in the jail
    you are not slave... more »

  • Curiosity

    My Father
    and my father’s father
    spent their lives
    at the foot of this hill.... more »

  • Death Comes Unnoticed

    No one can predict exactly
    How death takes on someone
    It can come in any form it likes
    And ends up life all of a sudden... more »

  • Decide


    You are a step
    for your journey... more »

  • Defiant Question Of Paradha's Boy

    Grandpa had no roof over his head
    or a yard to relax for a moment.
    only thorny paths for feet
    and adamant hunger glued... more »

  • Defination

    Universities are boxes of crayons
    that discolours the learners.... more »

  • Domestic Truth

    My neighbor has bought a Freezer
    and playful atmosphere in my home is frozen
    every face is taut like the tent of Circus
    from her to them all readied to fiercely assault... more »

  • Each Tick

    As long
    As things
    Are good
    Stop not... more »

  • Election-2014

    Every candidate
    Tries to push down
    My throat would-be
    Policies of his party... more »

  • Every Day Is Begging Day

    On the auspicious day
    of Rama Navami they gave out
    kichari to passersby in a cup of leaves
    they proudly called it Dandharma.... more »