My Poems are my biography your them and know about
me and you.change me thru them if you can by your comments, if not praise your self for the message in it.and them we can have a peaceful world.
My deepest Love to you all.


Madison M Cammue Poems

For The Innocent(People) Of Georgia

For the innocent that about to die
In the country call Georgia
Oh Man! What have they Do to cry
Like my country Liberia... more »

Miracle Of Love

Few minutes ago
My world was cold
and the earth I exist - was silent
because of your absent... more »

In Those Eyes

How can i stop looking at you
when those eyes are telling the truth
they reach my lonely soul
so deeply like the ocean below... more »

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p.a. noushad 01 Jan 2010 06:40
the beauty of life spreads its wings in your poems