• Babysitting In The Daylight

    I hesitate at the shiny blue and gold toys gracefully haunting the carpet.
    Their tiny feet quickly caress the hushed floors.
    I do not want this.... more »

  • Breakfast

    On my right, a broken lower back.
    Filled with the heaviness of three restaurants owned.
    He's making breakfast with a bird on his shoulder.... more »

  • Lizzie

    The carpet stained with eulogies
    reflects the tantalizing french doors
    that create a nexus to the sermon.
    It's his brother.... more »

  • Shouting

    You are the cool girl.
    With your melted gaze that fixes on the underlying need for assurance.
    With your enticing palms that caress the handle and press into the tantalizing button that pours our rookie comments and lonesome thoughts into a red solo cup.
    For you are not me.... more »

  • Supermarket Bones

    The feet caress the silenced floors.
    The eyes delightfully shriek at the intoxicating images that carve divergent atoms.
    The fingers dance across the tantalizing haze of consumerism.
    We're in the supermarket.... more »

  • Tuesday Blues

    Is my individuality showing?

    I apologize for my skinned knees, for my lonely lungs and for the indecent walls that encase my skull.... more »

  • Wall Paper

    Insignificant chatter looms over my decaying ear.
    The tantalizing haze floods the hidden floor boards,
    the stained walls.
    The prevarication is located in the detrimental couches.... more »