I'm a Asexual Panromantic Impersonal Pantheist Androgynous, a rather interesting person. I have a hundred different moods and personalities, but I love to talk. I have high hopes of being astrophysicist and quantum physicist.


Madison Porter Poems

The Stars Are My Gods

There may be a storm, a maelstrom of dark clouds obstructing the light from our vision,
or perhaps the damning pollution that ravages our lungs creates a muddy haze over the sky
But they’re there
They’re always there... more »

The Restless River

The river flows
Carrying vivid depictions of incandescence and gloom
Ceaseless and unhesitant in nature
The rushing water never slows... more »

Darkness; True Beauty.

Before there was luminescence, light,
The glorious entity the mind inexplicably seeks
With such desire,
To which life and joy are eager acolytes... more »

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