• Darkness; True Beauty.

    Before there was luminescence, light,
    The glorious entity the mind inexplicably seeks
    With such desire,
    To which life and joy are eager acolytes... more »

  • He Is...

    He is the coiled strength of each fibre of muscle
    He is the lurid tableau of colours that shine from supernovae
    He is the ungraspably powerful fire that burns in the heart of each star
    He is the berceuse the wind pulls from it lips as it mourns through the trees... more »

  • Splitting Worlds And Collapsing Expenses

    Well well, what's your decision?
    What will you do?
    This or that, here or there?
    It's up to you... more »

  • Strike

    A long cracks scars the dark sky
    Like an eggshell, in which we are upon the yolk looking out
    And the rift glows a blinding white
    As if starlight seeps from the wound... more »

  • The Harvester Of Souls

    As your evanescent life pours from your writhing body
    As light drips from your curled fingers and is superseded
    with an ethereal void
    As your mind heart and soul give out... more »

  • The Restless River

    The river flows
    Carrying vivid depictions of incandescence and gloom
    Ceaseless and unhesitant in nature
    The rushing water never slows... more »

  • The Stars Are My Gods

    There may be a storm, a maelstrom of dark clouds obstructing the light from our vision,
    or perhaps the damning pollution that ravages our lungs creates a muddy haze over the sky
    But they’re there
    They’re always there... more »