MW Madrason writer 24-07-1967

Social and advisor at Emplooi and VluchtelingenWerk Nederland stationed at 's-Hertogenbosch
Writer: Poetry, Books, Fairy tales and songs
Amateur cultural anthropologist
and collector of ethnographic art.
Webmaster of' http: //'
and former ethnographical search-engine Etnoconverse
http: //'and or
http: //
and 2 former ethnographic databases and libraries at esnips
under etnoconverse and under Madrason my writers pn.
English/Dutch poems here on poemhunter under Madrason -writer


Quotes (3)

For how long can One fool a flock or can One flog a Fool? M
De rechter dient de waarheid boven water te krijgen ongeacht de sociaalmaatschappelijke druk.M
We all will be judged by the deadline of our morals! M

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